Our story

DONG LAN VN has been found from 2015, that time we witness the emergence of the industrial revolution 4.0, “smart” devices are being researched and developed. During the R&D process, an invention would have many trials and prototypes so that the Engineers can test then modify their products. Recoginize this demand, DONG LAN VN focus our resources and capacity on the projects developting the hardware for R&D Department and young startups.

Our business motto

Honesty and sustainability is our business philosophy, we believe that great achievement made by every day doing small jobs with loyalty and rightness. That explain why when we do not have any MOQ for the inquiry. When receiving a project nevertheless small or large, we feel proud and adhere to our commitment to quality, origin of goods and lead time. Besides, we appreciate the patten and intelligent propety rights. As experimental products at the time are the first embodiment of new products that are useful to society, contributing to the success of developers.